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Flemington Tennis Club, Inc.

Club Rules & Regulations

-  Singles play must not begin if members are waiting to play doubles and there is no open court.

-  Ongoing play must terminate after one set. A set is defined as 6 games to 4 (or less) games, or 6-6 followed by a 7-point tiebreaker. To avoid undue waiting time when very few players are waiting, a majority may mutually agree on a set of less than 6 games to win.

Exceptions to Waiting Time & Court Priorities General Rules:
(not applicable weekend & holiday mornings)

*    Adult female members have court priority on Thursday mornings from 8:30 to 11:30.

*    Ladder and tournament matches have priority on Court #3 (far court) on Monday and Friday from 3:30pm until dark.

*    When at least one court is empty and less than four players are waiting, prearranged singles or mixed doubles have first priority for the open court (assuming all are present), and may play until four or more members are waiting to play. The singles or mixed doubles players must finish the set and concede the court.

Ball Machine and Telephone:

*    Ball machine is to be used on Court #3 only

*    Ball machine is not to be used before 8:30am, when members are waiting for Court #3, when Courts 1 & 2 are in play, or by junior members under age 15 without parental supervision.

*    Telephone is to be used for brief, local calls only.


*    Tennis is a ladies’ and gentlemen’s sport. All members are expected to observe its traditions and etiquette.

To preserve the quality of the courts:

*    Only tennis shoes are to be worn on the court surface (no basketball or running shoes).

*    Courts must be swept (from the net to the back fence) and tapes cleaned by the last members to play on the court; that is, when no one is waiting to play.

Playing is prohibited:

*    When any court or portion of a court is too soft. A court (or portion) is too soft if walking on it leaves footprints, or if a new ball dropped from eye level fails to bounce more than knee high.

*    When any court bears a “No Play” sign or warning cone, unless the court has dried out since the warning was posted.

*    When grounds keeping personnel are performing maintenance .

Guest Privileges:

*    Each adult (but not junior) member may invite a guest (non-member) to play on three (3) separate occasions per year.

*    However, no particular non-member may be a guest more than two (2) times per year, even if invited by different members.

Waiting Time & Court Priorities – General Rule:

*    Adult members (21 and older) have priority over junior members on weekends and holidays all day, and weekdays from 8am through 11am and after 4:30pm.

*    When members are waiting to play:

-  Priority goes to those who have been waiting the longest. Any member may waive this right, but then goes to the end of the waiting line.

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